Questions for our puppy buyers

A puppy is always cute, but one must consider that a Dalmatian will be with you longer than just its puppy stage. Owning a Dalmatian can mean a responsibility of over a decade. Therefore, buying a puppy should be carefully considered and planned.

Most people will choose a dog based on its appearance, such as its color and breed. However, a Dalmatian should also fit with you based on its temperament. In order for the dog to develop according to its disposition, you should provide an environment that it needs. Please inform yourself adequately to see if this breed fits with your lifestyle before making a hasty decision. Here are some important information about this breed: WAFDAL – World Association For Dalmatians

As breeders, we observe the puppies from birth until they are ready to leave. Therefore, we are best positioned to assess which puppy fits with you. Please tell us why you want to get a puppy and what qualities are important to you.

Up until about the 7th week of life, the puppies undergo significant development in their temperament, so a decision on which puppy you will receive can only be made shortly before they are ready to leave.

A binding commitment to a puppy from our breeding is only made after a personal meeting. This is a prerequisite for the allocation of a puppy; puppies will not be allocated or promised over the phone.

If you have a sincere interest in a puppy, we would appreciate it if you could please answer these questions and send them to us. We will then gladly arrange a meeting with you

Puppy Inquiry

    Your contact information

    These are the questions you should consider before acquiring your puppy and be able to answer with yes:

    Are all family members in favor of adopting a dog?

    Can you and all family members exclude an allergy to dog hair?

    A dog costs a lot over the course of its life. Are you ready and able to provide for the upkeep (dog liability insurance, taxes, veterinary costs, food, training, etc.) of the four-legged friend?

    Is keeping a dog allowed in your current living conditions?

    In the first few weeks after taking over the puppy, you will need vacation, at least 3-4 weeks. Please discuss it with your employer in time. Will they approve the vacation?

    Being alone and house training are things a dog needs to learn, and you'll need the vacation for that too. Do you have the time and patience to teach your dog everything?

    Can you ensure that your dog generally doesn't have to be left alone for more than 3 hours after settling in?

    Do you have enough time for your dog in terms of activities, training, education, and walking? You need at least 2-3 hours daily for the dog.

    Is there care available when you are on vacation, or will the dog accompany you on vacation?

    Will you walk the dog in any weather?

    What interests us as breeders:

    What gender of puppy do you prefer?

    Do you have prior experience with dogs?

    Have you ever had to give away a dog you once owned?

    Do you currently have a dog?

    Do you have or have you ever had a Dalmatian?

    Can you imagine going to shows with your Dalmatian?

    Do you want to breed with your Dalmatian?

    Can you imagine BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) as a feeding method for your Dalmatian?

    Can you imagine co-ownership?

    * * Please fill out all fields before submitting your puppy inquiry. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

    * Most of the content and questions in our puppy inquiry are from Princesswell – Antje Haupt. Thank you for allowing us to use them!